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The EAP Sentry is a newsletter published quarterly and posted on the EAP website. It is intended for the County of Santa Clara employees and their family members to read and enjoy. Included are articles on a wide range of issues including relationship/family, alcohol/drug, communication and work skills, behavioral health and even money troubles.

Check out especially the County Focus article in every edition—each was written by one of the EAP staff with EAP clients, County employees and their family members in mind.


Sentry Newsletters


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  • Tips for Conquering Stress and Anxiety When You Return to Work
    Working from home afforded people protection from the spread of COVID. But what do you do when you rejoin your coworkers? A little preparation can go a long way to reducing anxiety about returning to work.
  • Giving Too Much: The Limits of Loyalty

    Take a look at your own financial picture related to giving. How much do you spend for others? Is this a wise use of your own financial resources?

  • EAP is for Managers and Supervisors Too

    Does this describe a typical week in your life? Conflict among your employees, complaints from your customers, demands from you boss....

  • Workplace Change: Survival Strategies

    Constant change has become a fact of County work-life. Changes can involve layoff or job in-placements, reduction in pay...

  • Codependence: When Your Help Doesn't Help

    Is it possible to care too much? The short answer is yes. In our quick-paced, “live for the moment” and short-term commitment society, you would think that it would be a healthy thing to hang in there when things get rough in a relationship.

  • The Changing Face of Families: From Barely Surviving to Thriving

    The changing face of families has brought complexity to our everyday lives. No more can we completely rely on old traditions for managing our family. Are there any guiding principles that still apply?

  • Drunk Driving: What is it a sign of?

    It’s a familiar headline…a celebrity has been arrested for drunk driving. The mug shot shows us a not at all glamorous photo of.....

  • Dealing with Verbal Abuse - The Spirit Killer

    This article describes many varieties of verbal abuse such as withholding, countering, discounting, accusing and blaming, trivializing, undermining, threatening, forgetting, judging and criticizing. The intent of verbal abuse is to unsettle the recipient and to help the abuser stay on top in a power struggle.

  • Moving Through Grief and Loss

    Losing someone or something you care about is painful. And grief is the normal , natural and necessary response to loss. Everyone feels a major loss at some point in life.

  • After A Traumatic Event

    Alcoholism is an illness that casts a shadow over everything it touches. It affects individuals, their spouses and children, their work, and society in general.

  • Verbal Abuse: The Spirit Killer

    Physical violence in the home has recently received a lot of media coverage. Many communities have worked hard to develop strict laws and provide physical and emotional resources for families affected by domestic violence.

  • Retire Well!

    Retirement is an important transition. Transitions are times of change in our lives and are inevitable - normal transitions include leaving home, marriage, becoming parents, graduation, taking a new job, losing a job, or death of a loved one.

  • You Don't Have to Be A Victim!

    An unhappy marriage. Unruly kids. A stressful job. Life can present many difficult and unsettling challenges that leave someone feeling victimized. Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Honor Thy Parents

    If the task becomes too difficult, ask for help from the EAP Honoring our parents is an innate virtue for most of us. But as our parents age, the task can become a real challenge.

  • Alcoholism Myth and Fact

    Alcoholism is an illness that casts a shadow over everything it touches. It affects individuals, their spouses and children, their work, and society in general.

  • Working With Your Supervisor

    Conflict with your supervisor can mean trouble. It can mean feeling stressed at work, demoralized and discouraged about your career, or worried about losing your job. Here are some ideas for working well with your supervisor.

  • The EAP Is for Couples, Too!

    You may already be aware that the County of Santa Clara Employee Assistance Program provides confidential counseling for county employees, spouses/significant others and family members.

  • Who Goes to the EAP for Help? Is the EAP for Me? What is Counseling Like?

    Here are a couple of examples of employees and family members who came to the county EAP for help. Their names and key identifying information have been changed.

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