Trainings by Departmental Request

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers a selection of trainings provided by departmental request. If you are a Manager interested in scheduling training for your work group, please review the following list and call EAP at 408/241-7772 to discuss in more detail. EAP will attempt to customize the trainings for your department and will discuss with you the requirements regarding number of attendees.

  • Compassion Fatigue and Secondary Trauma​ (90 Minutes)
    Over-extending yourself and taking on negative emotions in the helping profession can have negative effects, even traumatizing. Learn tools on how to avoid burnout and how to work in the helping profession effectively.​
  • Conflict Skills (90 minutes)
    Conflict between co-workers can be frustrating whether you are a party to the conflict, a member of the team, or the supervisor. And conflict between us is a normal part of life. We disagree, we misunderstand, we have different goals, or we just know that something’s not working. Attendees will learn practical strategies for diffusing conflict, for discovering the contribution each person makes, and for working collaboratively to get better results.
  • Dealing with Stress of Change (60-90 minutes)
    This department training helps employees deal with the stress of constant change in the workplace. Some of these changes can include layoffs/downsizing, in placement and system changes. This training explores typical emotional, behavioral and physical reactions to change. Offers practical strategies for handling all transitions. Focuses on workplace survival, improved group morale, and positive relationships at work.
  • EAP Orientation (20 minutes)
    An EAP counselor will provide a 20 minute overview of the EAP benefit to your work group typically as an in-service at your staff meeting. It will review eligibility for EAP services; EAP counseling, assessment and referral; typical presenting problems; confidentiality; classes; trainings; conflict resolution; and other EAP services. There will be a brief question and answer period. Handouts provided.​
  • Grief and Loss (60-90 minutes)
    We all have experienced losses in our lives. This training is designed to help employees gain insight into their experience of loss, learn about the normal stages of grief and develop effective coping skills to deal with this universal human experience.
  • Somatic Activation (60-90 minutes)
    This class about the mind-body phenomenon. Soma in Greek means “body,” and in psychology we can study how the body keeps the score with memories, feelings and past traumas. The workshop will provide experiential exercises and training to increase self-knowledge in everyday life.
  • Stress Management (60- 90 minutes)
    Stress is a normal part of life. This training will explore the impact of stress and help attendees identify their unique physical, emotional and behavioral responses. A discussion of effective and ineffective coping, resources, triggers and self care plans will be provided.
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) (60 – 90 minutes)
    EAP is available to meet with your work group following a critical incident. Examples of a critical incident include the unexpected death of an employee/manager, accident, natural catastrophe or other traumatic event. In a safe environment, EAP facilitates debriefings with groups of employees allowing them to talk and share their reactions.

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