Our Services

  • Counseling:  Up to five free, confidential, easy-to-schedule appointments.
  • Consultation:  Consultation and coaching to managers, supervisors and union stewards on sensitive employee issues including how to approach a troubled employee in need of help.
  • Assessment & Referral:  Referral as needed to a range of community resources such as parenting classes, self-help groups, 12-steps groups, elder care services and others.
  • Training:  Specialized training as requested by department (e.g., Stress Management, Conflict and Communication, Balancing Work and Home).
  • Classes:  Coping with Grief and Loss, The Three Stages of ParentCare, Retirement: Ready or Not?, Write On! Writing for Fun and Health, Addiction: Why Can't it Just Stop?, Lifescripts
  • Critical Incident Debriefings:  Provide scheduled EAP response to critical incidents.
  • Lending Library:  Hundreds of self-help books available for EAP clients.​


Please view this five minute video to learn more about the services that we offer at EAP.​​

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